A few interesting sources of information about bees and beekeeping

Beekeeping news updates
The latest updates from the National Bee Unit, including Asian Hornet sightings can be found here:  Beebase News Web feed

British Beekeepers Association  The leading organisation representing beekeepers.
Beebase.  The National Bee Unit website.  A resource for beekeepers, including help to manage your apiary records.


Some other interesting sites and blogs 

Colour Guide to Pollen Sources  If you’re interested to know where your bees have been.
Wasps, bees and bumblebees  Know the difference.
RHS guide to plants for pollinators

Dave Cushman’s website.  Developed by the late Dave Cushman,  managed by Roger Patterson.   ‘A sort of Wikibeedia’.
How to build your own national hive
Beekeeping Like a Girl  Hilary Kearney is young, blonde and lives in California.  But we don’t have to hold that against her, as she’s also a blogging beekeeper.
Interesting Articles
Honey Bee Suite  An informative and well-written website with blogs about beekeeping in the US
Beespoke info  An Irish beekeepers website with lots of useful info.

Education and academic
Ohio State University Beekeeping and Honey Bee Biology course  This is free, but requires ITunes U software to run.
Teaching kids about honeybees  Contains useful introductory information abut honeybees, particularly suitable for children and young people.
Bee related education material for KS1 Rowse Honey has produced these useful teaching resources.