Bees and Beekeeping Course

Next course date and time:  3rd March 2019
Venue:  Cliffe Castle Museum, Spring Gardens Lane, Keighley, BD20 6LH
Prerequisites:  None


About the course

This is designed to be a fun and informative session for everyone interested in bees and their impact on our lives and the environment.  If you are thinking about taking up beekeeping but wondering what is involved, this course will help you decide.

In the session, you will find out

  • How to identify honeybees, and the difference between each caste
  • Why bees are so important to our lives and to the environment
  • What bees do all day and what they produce
  • What a superorganism is and how it works
  • What a beekeeper does during each year
  • What you need in order to be ready to start keeping bees

What to bring along:  Please bring along pen and paper if you wish to make notes and don’t forget to bring your glasses should you need them for distance and close up work.

Next StepsMeet the Bees

If you wish to attend this course, please register your interest with our Education Officer.  Email: