Learn about bees and beekeeping – starting March 2018!


ABKA train new beekeepers each year beginning in March.  We hold classroom sessions at Cliffe Castle in Keighley, and our apiary is based at East Riddlesden Hall, Riddlesden.  Our new training plan has several components, so you can choose how far you want to take your learning.  If you think you would like to attend one of our courses, please send your details in an email to our Education Officer:  education@airedalebka.org.uk.

We offer three training options.  Bees and Beekeeping and Meet the Bees can be taken as standalone courses, but to do the full Beekeeper Training Programme you must have completed both Bees and Beekeeping and Meet the Bees first.   Bees and Beekeeping is suitable for anyone with an interest in bees, whether considering beekeeping or not.

Training Options

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Apply for a course

To register an interest in a course, please email education@airedalebka.org.uk stating your details and the course you are interested in.  To apply for a course, please complete the relevant application form:

Bees and Beekeeping Course
Meet the Bees
Beekeeping Training Programme