It’s swarm time.  If you think you have a swarm of honeybees please check our swarms page.  It may be a honeybee swarm, then again, it may be wasps, or any one of the many solitary bee species.  Before you call us, take a look at the wasps, bees and bumblebee leaflet.  It would also be useful if you could take an identifying picture.

Asian Hornet Alert

If you believe you have seen an Asian Hornet, or would have any queries about Asian Hornets, please email AH@airedalebka.org.uk.  If you wish to report a suspected sighting, please try to provide date, time, location (GPS/postcode) and a photo to help with identification.  For further information check our Asian Hornet page

Asian hornet A5

Hornet postcard side A

Hornet postcard side B