Honey Show

Our annual Honey Show is the time for us to show off our wares, compete for prizes and sell our Honey!  This year the Show will be at Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley on 26 October, with public access from 2pm to 3:30pm.  Come along and see the results of our beekeeping year!

Annual Honey Show 2019


Honey bees swarm as their way of reproducing – the colony splits and the queen leaves with the flying bees to set up a new colony somewhere else.  It’s an entirely natural process, but as beekeepers is something we seek to anticipate and manage so we can allow our colonies to increase without the nuisance created by large swarms in the neighbourhood.

Swarming usually occurs between May and late summer.  If a swarm of honeybees arrives in your garden, street, on your fence – wherever – please check our swarms page.   A honey bee swarm is comprised of many thousands of bees – not a few hundred.  So before you call us, please take a look at the wasps, bees and bumblebee leaflet to check that you do actually have a swarm of honey bees.  It would also be useful if you could take an identifying picture.

Asian Hornet Alert!

The Asian Hornet is expected to become an increasing threat in the UK, where it will disrupt natural biodiversity here as it already has in many parts of Western Europe. If you believe you have seen an Asian Hornet, or would have any queries about Asian Hornets, please email AH@airedalebka.org.uk.  If you wish to report a suspected sighting, please try to provide date, time, location (GPS/postcode) and a photo to help with identification.  For further information check our Asian Hornet page

Asian hornet A5

Hornet postcard side A

Hornet postcard side B