There are so many interesting videos to be found on line.  Some are educational, some amazing, some just plain odd.   They vary in quality and accuracy, so you need to view them with a critical eye.  Just because they appear here doesn’t mean ABKA endorses them (we generally don’t suggest covering your naked body with bees, for example).

Below are just a few selected videos which you might find interesting, but it’s worth googling (other search engines are available) for the topic you are interested in.  If you can’t find one, why not make your own?

How to inspect a honey bee hive
Hive inspection/Things to look for
A Bailey Comb Change

Collect a swarm – from Cooking up a Story
Collect a swarm – in Devon
Collect an awkwardly placed swarm –  in Vermont


Green orchid bees
Male orchid bees mixing their own cologne
Follow a queen bee on her maiden flight
Time lapse – see bees develop from egg to hatching
A man covering himself with 30,000 bees
Bees on the brain – art in MOMA, New York