Here you can find details of resources used by our members.  If you want to add to this, or correct anything please email me with details. 

Bradford Beekeepers Association

Our next door neighbours have a shop which is used by many members.  I believe this is mainly during the summer months, on Thursday evenings.  Apparently you can place your order and pay online, then print off your order and take it with you.  Details of how to find them at their Summer meeting place can be found here

They provided a price list this Summer, which also gives contact details for their equipment officer.   Bradford_BKA_Shop 2016.

Claro Bees

Up in North Yorkshire, Harrogate and Ribon have their own beekeeping shop Claro Bees which is near Harlow Carr gardens.  In fact, if you just drive straight past the entrance to the gardens, you will find Claro Bees on the left, near the closed Harrogate Arms.  They are resident in three shipping containers  They are open from March until October, on Saturday mornings, but further details can be found on their website.  Our members have found them very friendly and helpful, but be aware that they are staffed by volunteers, so do check your order before you leave.  They are doing their best, but mistakes have been known.


The most popular professional outfit is Thornes, probably familiar to most, if not all, of you.  They have a comprehensive on-line shop, and regular sales.  Register with them to get email updates on sales.