Beekeepers appeal for public awareness of honey bee disease     20 May 2016

The Airedale Beekeepers Association (ABKA) is once again asking local people to be aware of the importance of ‘honey hygiene’ after three new incidences of the highly infectious honey bee disease American Foulbrood (AFB) were reported this spring in the Micklethwaite area.

AFB is a bacterial disease which is spread by bees coming into contact with honey products, usually imported ones.  Although it doesn’t affect the quality of honey and presents absolutely no risk to human health, it kills bee larvae in large quantities and requires the immediate destruction of affected hives to prevent further spread.

Sue Chatfield, chair of the Airedale Beekeepers Association (ABKA), commented, “AFB is a devastating disease for honey bees and one which is so serious that the Government Bee Inspector will impose quarantine and require all affected colonies to be destroyed. This spring there have so far been three cases in Micklethwaite, hopefully swift action will prevent any further spread.”

The public can help by being aware of the potential for AFB to spread through bees coming into contact with commercial honey products.

Sue Chatfield adds, “Bees are highly attracted to the smell of honey – even indoors – and people can help by ensuring that they don’t leave any honey uncovered, particularly during warm weather.”


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