Archived News Items

The exciting headline ‘Huge Swarm of Bees takes over London Street’ had me excited, imagining scenes of mass panic.  It turned out to be a small swarm of bees on a door in East Sheen.  Probably just as well.   LBC  3 May 2016

A rather lovely article in the Guardian about the butterbur plant which if you don’t know by name, you probably will by sight.  There’s lots of it along the canal by Riddlesden at the moment, and probably loads of other places as well.

The National Trust is plugging its work supporting honeybees.  Shame it doesn’t mention East Riddlesden Hall, maybe next time.

Viennese bees to visit Glyndebourne this Summer.  Guardian  6 May 2016

Research reported in the Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology journal shows that bees will identify nutritional shortages and search out appropriate food sources to balance their diet   Science News Hub,  22nd April 2016

In Devon, campaigners are targeting their local Council to ban the use of neonicotinoids on Council owned land.    Herald Express  18th April 2016

Do bees have consciousness?  Some recent research published in the New York Times, 18th April 2016

A report in Horticulture Week based on research by the University of Sussex suggests that clothianidin (a neonicotinoid) affects honey bees more than bumblebees  5th April 2016

Why bees are cleverer than you think  The Daily Mail finds space between pictures of Kim Kardashian to mention two reports on bees, 18th April 2016

Earlier this month Leeds Beekeepers Association gave a nice update to the Yorkshire Evening Post  12th April 2016

The significance of small nests and frequent swarming in preventing colony collapse is the subject of recent research at Cornell University  31st March 2016

Music to your ears?  Do you love the sound your bees make?  Some people have been making music out of it.   Guardian, 8 February

Deformed Wing Virus  Many papers have reported on the spread of this, but the study was originally reported in Science magazine, February 2016

Effects of Leaving Farmland Fallow on bees, Yorkshire Post,  3 February

Keen on honey?  Try this 6 course menu  Evening Standard, 26th January

Bayer think again:   Further work needed to assess effects of imidacloprid   Guardian, 12th Janary

Conservationists using bees to keep humans and elephants apart:  Bees used as fencing Guardian, 3rd January

More on neonicotinoids:  New evidence of damage caused to bees  Western Morning News, 5th January 2016.

The effect of flower scents on bee aggressionBees get a buzz from scents 24th Dec, 2015.  The technical report is available here.

The importance of beeswax to humans throughout history, from Nature World News, 19th November 2015

Recent research by a Dutch university on the effects of varroa and imidacloprid on colonies. 18th December 2015.

International Bee Research Association – IBRA provides information on bee science and beekeeping worldwide
Bee Crisis:warmer summers help parasite – Article on nozema,Ecologist – 30th December 2014
Age Matters: Young Larvae boost pollen foraging in honey bees Science Daily – 18th November 2014
Roundup of Honey bee news – Guardian – 11th September 2013
Honey bee treatment applied in wrong way – Telegraph – 4th September 2013
Rare Cornish bee could save dwindling populations from disease – BBC News – 13th July 2013
Dodgy Honey – Pharaceutical Journal – 10th July 2013
Lords debates decline of honey bees – – 10th January 2013
Talks in Aberystwyth over Welsh bee decline action plan – BBC News – 19th November 2012
Honey-bees found to have bite that stuns – BBC News – 26th October 2012
Honey bees’ genetic code unlocked – BBC News – 12th October 2012
London bee numbers ‘could be too high’ – BBC News – 12th October 2012
Bee study lifts lid on hive habits – Guardian – 16th September 2012
Hive talking: website connects would-bee keepers with landowners – Guardian – 28th August 2012
Academics and children team up for beehive project – BBC News – 8th July 2012
Has the sniffer dog had its day? – BBC News – 19th June 2012
Honeybee decline linked to deadly virus – BBC News (video) – 8th June 2012
Fly Parasite Turns Honeybees into Zombies – LiveScience – 3rd January 2012
Elephant and bee researcher nets green prize – BBC News – 23rd November 2011
Truck driver tells of moment 25 million bees escaped – Guardian – 25th October 2011
Danger! The bee-killing Asian hornet is set to invade Britain – Guardian – 17th October 2011
Bee thought to be extinct found in East Sussex – Guardian – 11th October 2011
EU bans GM-contaminated honey from general sale – Guardian – 7th September 2011
Beekeeping takes flight in primary school – Guardian – 30th August 2011
The real queen bees at Buck House – Daily Mail – 26th August 2011
Ecotricity in Gloucestershire gets bee guardian status – BBC – 7th August 2011
In pictures: China’s bee-wearing contest – BBC – 17th July 2011
Bees follow polarised light through a maze – New Scientist – 1st February 2011
Pesticide linked to bee deaths should be suspended, MPs told – The Independent – 26th January 2011
Finding out how honey kills bacteria – Pharaceutical Journal – 1/8 January 2011
Scientists launch fightback against Varroa – Daily Mail – 26th December 2010
The crucial role cities can play in protecting the honeybee – Guardian – 16th December 2010
We need more funds to research bee population decline – Keighley News – 19th November 2010
Bees Take the Sting Out of Mouth Ulcers – Pharma Magazine – 17th November 2010
Healthy hive training offered to novice beekeepers – BBC News – 7th October 2010
Could a superbee from Swindon save the world? – Guardian – 25th August 2010