Where to buy equipment? Here are some resources used by our members.

Claro Bees

In North Yorkshire, Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers have a beekeeping shop Claro Bees which is near RHS Harlow Carr .  Continue past the entrance to the gardens, to find Claro Bees on the left, near the closed Harrogate Arms.  The shop is usually open on Saturday mornings during the beekeeping season, check details on their website.


The most popular professional beekeeping supplier is Thornes, probably familiar to most.  Thornes has a online shop, and regular sales.  Register to get email updates on sales.

Buying second hand equipment

Please be extremely careful if you are buying second hand equipment of any type, due to the risk of spreading disease between colonies.  NEVER buy or share used comb and always thoroughly sterilise any second hand equipment by scorching and/or scrubbing with washing soda and hot water to minimise the risk of introducing pathogens into your apiary.