Registration of Food Premises

Selling Honey

When you extract, jar and label honey you need to be fully compliant with the appropriate food hygiene and safety regulations. In some instances, there will also be a need for you to register your premises as a food business to be able to sell your honey.

If you are extracting only once a year for the purpose of selling your honey you do not need to register your premises. You can extract more times a year than this if the honey extracted is for your personal, friends and family use only. There are no additional rules that this requirement is based on sales under a certain volume. Selling your honey includes selling it through a retail outlet, from a website, at a fair, show or market. It is important to point out however, even though you do not need to register your premises you still need to comply with all appropriate EU food hygiene regulations and the Food Safety Act of 1990. This means that you should still be using and following the procedures laid down in the hazard control documents given here. This will help ensure the honey you produce contains no contaminants and is fit for human consumption.

If you are going to extract for sale more than once a year then please look at the Registration of Premises document below which gives you all the information you need to comply with the law.

Finally, please note that the above information covers those of you who live within the Bradford Environmental Health area. If you live outside this area then please contact your own Environmental Health Department for guidance on what circumstances require the registration of your premises.

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Hazard Control Document

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Registration of premises