Amazing bee (and other insect) images

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Bees under the Macro Lens
the Guardian  20/7/17

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 08.53.19

Can you name that bee?  For amazing images of different bee species, click here.


Hive Inspection








The Great Escape

If ABKA ever try to get a team together for the new series of  The Crystal Maze, then Richard Law (aka the Yellowbeekeeper) is a shoo-in.  At the Keighley show, Sue Chatfield tried to demonstate on a human scale how to go about trapping a queen …


… but, unwilling to have his gender questioned in so undignified a manner, Richard wrestles with the giant trap …..


… and with one mighty bound he is free!


Well, that’s how I heard it anyway.  I suppose he could just have been helping to dismantle the ABKA gazebo frame …

East Morton Shed

OK, it wasn’t quite the same as  Raising the Barn in Witness, but last autumn, some people worked hard to install the new shed at East Morton apiary, and here’s the evidence.  Sadly, Harrison Ford failed to attend.

Thanks to Linda, for sending us a few photos of the moth trapping which took place last August. I don’t have any labels for the pics, so can anyone tell me what type of moths they are?

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