Free green fingers

There is a free horticulture course being run at Cliffe Castle.  Details can be found here.

ABKA @ Keighley Show – the results

The poll closed on Wednesday, and 18 of you voted, which is about a fifth of the total membership.  However, the votes are as follows:

15  in favour of leaving  the show (83%)
3  against leaving the show (17%)

Sue has therefore written to the Chairman of Keighley Show informing him of our decision.

ABKA @ Cliffe CastleIMG_2238

As you will all be aware, the metal shed was moved from East Morton to it’s new home at Cliffe Castle, with the help of many hands over a busy weekend.  Thanks again to everyone involved. 

And if that wasn’t enough heady excitement for everyone, Richard reports that the bees have now been returned to Cliffe Castle in their splendidly smart new oak home, kindly paid for by the museum.  Do go along and say hello to them and see the great information displays we now have all around the area.  And if you want to read more about this and everything that’s happening at Cliffe Castle, click on the link at the right of this page to access our Facebook page and give it a ‘like’.

ABKA questionnaire – the results
Thanks again for completing the questionnaire.  To read the results, just click here.