Spring Fling and Honey Show
 Spring Fling poster A4

We are delighted to announce the details of our upcoming Honey Show and Social (aka. The Spring Fling) on Saturday 23 March.

Based on the preferences of members in previous years, this year’s event will include a delicious hot supper, live music (and dancing).  Our venue this time will be the friendly and enjoyable Cononley Institute, which is also easily accessible by train on the Airedale line.

So get busy with your honey and wax entries!  Entry form and schedule details can be found here.    And please book your tickets in advance so we can plan catering – contact Andy (Andy@wordbird.net).

We look forward to seeing you for the highlight of our social year!

Asian Hornet Alert
If you believe you have seen an Asian Hornet, or would have any queries about Asian Hornets, please email AH@airedalebka.org.uk.  If you wish to report a suspected sighting, please try to provide date, time, location (GPS/postcode) and a photo to help with identification.  For further information check our Asian Hornet page

Asian hornet A5

Hornet postcard side A

Hornet postcard side B